My Personal Transformation
In 2014, a routine doctor’s visit led to a diagnosis of plasma cell cancer. I was devastated and terrified; my mind filled with catastrophic thoughts. My anxiety and fear soared off the charts. I had no idea how much longer I might live.  

Then I found a book called Soul Healing Miracles by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and started doing the practices he teaches. Within a few short weeks I realized I was significantly calmer. I was so impressed with Master Sha’s teachings and my results that I became his student. 

My healing and transformation since then are nothing short of miraculous. My constant fear and anxiety are gone. My mind is no longer filled with catastrophic thoughts. I am more loving, forgiving, and compassionate. I don’t get upset with things that irritated or upset me previously. My spiritual channels have opened. The hidden wonderfulness of me has emerged. I’m the happiest I’ve been in my life. My spouse and friends have commented on how I’ve changed. Some say they see light radiating out from me. 

Through the teachings and blessings from my teacher, I am able to access the frequencies and messages from Saints, Buddhas, and more. Guan Yin and the 87 Buddhas have formed a special, deep relationship with me, and I am extremely blessed to be able to channel their messages and blessings to you. I offer blessing transmissions that are not from me but through me.

Holy Beings are here to serve us, and they want to serve you. I want to serve you. It would be my honor and privilege to assist you on your journey of healing and transformation– to help you feel happier and healthier in any aspect of your life. Allow me to share Heaven’s messages and guidance for you. Allow me to provide life transforming services for you.
With deepest gratitude, 

Sharilyn Cohn
Certified Tao Source Soul Communicator
Certified Tao Hands Practitioner