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Guan Yin and the 87 Buddhas
Guan Yin is known as the Bodhisattva of Compassion, and is revered around the world for her compassion and mercy. Guan Yin is short for Guan Shi Yin, which means “the one who hears the sounds or cries of the world.” 

It is said that Guan Yin can incarnate at will, in any form. She made many vows that demonstrate her total commitment to end all suffering. She will help any soul who calls her name. There are a multitude of miraculous, heart touching stories from those who have called upon her in times of need to save their lives, restore their health, and more.

Guan Yin learned the Great Compassion Mantra (Da Bei Zhou) from her spiritual father and teacher. The Great Compassion Mantra consists of 88 lines. Each line of the mantra is the name of a Buddha. When Guan Yin’s teacher chanted the Great Compassion Mantra for her, 87 Buddhas appeared. The light they brought was beyond comprehension. Guan Yin was deeply moved by the love, compassion, and light of the 87 Buddhas. She bowed down to her teacher and vowed, “I will spread the Great Compassion Mantra for the rest of this lifetime, and in all my future lifetimes.”  

Guan Yin’s vow was so sincere and profound that it touched her teacher’s heart, and he transmitted 1000 spiritual hands and 1000 spiritual eyes to her. The Great Compassion Mantra is the mantra of 1000 hands and 1000 eyes. Guan Yin’s hands hold many sacred objects that help heal and transform. She and her lineage have spread the healing blessing of the Great Compassion Mantra with the greatest love and light. 

It is said that the Great Compassion Mantra can heal 84,000 kinds
of sickness. The most important thing to know is that the
Great Compassion Mantra has the ability to heal, because it has the power to clear negative karma!

Guan Yin Special Blessings

Crown Chakra Blessing

The Crown Chakra is the seat of cosmic consciousness that each and every one of us carries. It is considered the meeting point between the finite and infinite. When our crown chakra is balanced, we feel connected to our Higher Self, can easily access our inner wisdom, feel connected to others and life, can see the bigger picture, and feel a sense of serenity and wholeness despite what is happening around us.

When you receive your Crown Chakra Blessing, the power of Guan Yin’s 1000 hands and 1000 eyes activates to clear soul, heart, mind, and body blockages affecting your request. Your Crown Chakra Blessing can connect you with your soul more deeply and open you more to the Infinite. This is one of the most profound blessings you can receive.

Consultation with Guan Yin Crown Chakra Blessing with a special Guan Yin blessed Sacred Object
(In-person only, Portland, OR).
Approximately 60 minutes $187
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Crown Chakra Blessing,
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Chanting Requests

GuanYin’s blessings of love and compassion have the power to heal and clear negative karma. You can ask for blessings on any topic you wish - health, relationships, business, career, finances, or you can ask Guan Yin to choose for you. When prompted during the checkout process, please specify for whom and for what you would like me to chant.

4 weeks of chanting
$87 per soul
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Daily chanting of the Little Compassion Mantra for you, your loved ones, pets, or those in the soul world. The Little Compassion Mantra contains six lines that honor Guan Yin and describe her role on Mother Earth.
1 month of daily chanting
$87 per soul
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Weekly chanting of the Great Compassion Mantra for you, your loved ones, pets, or those in the soul world.