Your soul has brought you to this website
Would you like to know the ingredients for being happier and healthier?
Would you like to be full of love and compassion?
Would you like healing in different areas of your life?
Do you have a challenge for which you'd like spiritual guidance?
Are you ready for your life to be transformed?

"Heal the soul first, then healing of the mind
and body will follow."

Master Zhi Gang Sha
A personal consultation including a Soul Reading or Tao Hands transmission can provide you with answers to your questions, wisdom to help transform any aspect of your life, and create a foundation of calm, balance, and inner peace.

A Soul Reading for Life Guidance and Transformation can connect you with Jesus, Mother Mary, Guan Yin and the 87 Buddhas, Saints, and Holy Beings who are waiting to serve you. Your sacred messages will be filled with the deepest love, compassion and guidance. Every reading is a blessing to support you on your healing journey. You will be filled with radiant light streaming from the highest vibrational frequencies of positive information.

Tao Hands is a special transmission that carries the love, forgiveness, compassion, and light of the Tao. These positive messages can transform the negative information in one’s soul, heart, mind, and body that are blocking the free flow of energy that supports optimal health and well-being. By transforming the message and the information carried within you, a foundation of calm, balance, and inner peace is created. Tao Hands transmissions are offered remotely, and are a beautiful gift for yourself and loved ones.

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